Sep 9, 2011

I love this poster titled "Summer Bounty" from  Debbie Carlos.  

Fall is my favorite season for so many reasons. A couple of them being that the clothes get darker, and 
the cheeks and noses get rosier. I love me a cold, rosey cheek.  Decorating in the fall is also a favorite since we tend to be inside more and we [I am assuming you the reader thinks so too when I say "we"] love a cozy/warm environment.  Even though this poster by Debbie Carlos is titled "Summer Bounty" for obvious reasons, I think this would look lovely hanging in a dining room or kitchen during the fall & winter months.

And what about this print from BawkBawk?

Perfect for those who don't have a view of the mountains like we do out here in Utah. However, I still want this for myself even though I see the Wasatch's every day. 

or this print by Eye Poetry.....

I love how this photo kind of makes me feel cold  yet cozy at the same time. 

Lastly.... This Dear Jane print by Tracy Dorsey for  Design Lab 443

How great would this look in your bedroom for fall & winter?! Hung in your closet, above your vanity or better yet...if I could get a 3 FOOT by 5 FOOT of this, it would look sooo darling hung above a girl's bed! 

The same goes for this print titled "Elliot" by Tracey Dorsey
This needs to be blown up and hung in a boys room... or in your husband's office!

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