Aug 31, 2011

Yesterday I came across and new blog : LA VIE EN MODE  + and today, Nimue [who is from Belgium] wrote an interesting post having to do with an article about makeup that she read in her latest ELLE UK mag.

Pic below taken from Nimue's blog

 In Nimue's words : "I read a very disturbing article in it about how you should regularly replace your make-up, because otherwise it gets filled with bacteria! I daresay it kinda freaked me out." 

This is true. I don't know if the article talked about some of the causes of bacteria...but after reading Nimue's post I thought I would piggyback off her and to this topic. Bacteria can start in dark places...and one of the most common areas that women hold their makeup is in makeup bags, where it is dark. I remember learning this quite some time ago but it never really bothering me. I actually have my "get-ready-items" displayed in a way that saves time when putting on makeup, and I know exactly what I have. So rather than describe this, I took a pic. :)  

Some helpful tips for maintaining makeup and your tools: 

Date your mascara, blush, really don't want to keep shadows more than 2 years. This really depends on the frequency of use too. 

Clean out your eye lash curlers! There is so much goopy build-up on those things.

Wash brushes with warm soapy water every couple weeks. NEVER use hot water..this will cause the bristles to fall out. After washing, tap the water out gently and then press more water out with a towel, lay down to dry. 

Buy mascara every 3 months! Again, depending on usage..if it dries up before that...replace it! 


Yesterday evening, Jesse and I went and hung out with his brother and wife. Heather [my super funny sister-in-law] and I went to the craft store so she could see all the Halloween decorations. SHE LOOVES HALLOWEEN! After Michaels, we then bee-bopped our way over to the dollar store afterwards where they had thee cutest little crows. She bought me one! :-[) Thanks Heather! It goes perfect in our little dining room.

I also picked up the latest Teen Vogue. I LOVE that magazine and it's size....and Emma Stone. I didn't know that her natural hair color is blonde. But I love her in red...I think it makes her comedic humor even funnier for some reason. Anyways, in one of their spreads, this model is wearing THEE CUTEST HAT EVER!! This hat makes me want to become a milliner now... :[) I also love the hair & makeup on the model..she is darling!


Nimue said...

So nice to see that I inspired you :) and thanks for the usefull tips!!

ROXY MARJ said...

:-[) Yes you did! :)

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