Aug 9, 2011

OH MA GAWSH! I just died and went to heaven TWICE! Scroll down to see the #2 reason for my heavenly death.

Succulents on a necklace and cufflinks! Woodland Belle you are magnificent! Now, if only she can get some mini volcano's on a necklace as well! 
Found via: Babble


The coolest tree house I think I ever did see! Found via Design Mom. Click HERE to see more pictures of this amazing tree house...DREAM HOUSE! :-[)

and these are the shutters! Holy inspiration!!! If Jesse and I ever decide to build a house someday...I think we will now be building that house out of sticks!


And...if you have ever wondered what some of my daily frustrations are [yes, come on now I KNOW this is something you possibly have asked yourself! lol ]...well...this is one of them:

There is no EXCUSE... NONE WHAT SO EVER,  for America to not have more icebergs floating about!!!!
Complete and udder bewilderment passes through my mind every day I think about this. It's an outrage!

Freak! This should have been on me and Jesse's wedding registration!!! WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!?

The Iceberg: found via Hammacher Schlemmer 

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