Aug 10, 2011

Gonna go shorter & DARKER with my hair here pretty soon. Ya know, just gittin roodeeeh [i.e. ready] for fall and all! :) I like Britta Persson's hair SO MUCH... but sadly, my hair wouldn't ever lay so nicely down like hair is like horse hair. It is still to this day best friends with old haggedy lady when I do go short, I gots to get me some of that hair gel that all of those guido's in New Jersey keep raving about. And NO! I won't be spiking it up towards the sky.....get your mind outta the gutter ya weirdo!

p.s. and...just like Britta, I too want to meet a bear...before I die.


Over at Uncommon Goods there is a little contest going on.  If you're an accessories designer.... you may wann a check it out. Deadline for entries is Aug. 31 2011.  And while you're over there...check out these darling sterling silver diamond stud earrings. I would honestly prefer these [but in gold or brass] over real diamonds.


Eva / Sycamore Street Press said...

You'd look great with that hair, Roxy! I remember when I met you, your hair was very short... I think you could pull off just about any hairstyle... if you can get your hair to agree, I suppose. :) p.s. I love this song.

ROXY MARJ said...

oh thanks Eva! :-[) lol ironically back in the day when my hair was really wasn't the best looking cut considering that I was the one doing the cutting. This time around I will actually go to a Salon! :-[)

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