Jul 26, 2011

Saturday, Jesse and I got back from camping in the Uintah's with his family. It was so much fun and inspiring as always. I am always in awe with the amazing beauty Utah has to offer. There is a boardwalk [shown below] that wraps around the entire Muir lake,where we camped. My sister in law Heather and I walked around this twice...that in itself was so much fun.

Hot tip for a good night's sleep. Forget the air mattress...stick with foam pads!!!! You will be so much warmer and most likely won't wake up with major back pain. Heather and Kyller's [Kyller is Jesse's brother]  dog Tessa was seriously just another camper. At night when we all gathered around the camp fire, she snuggled up in a blanket in Heather's arms and listened to us tell stories. It was sooo funny watching her. It made me miss my own two dogs I had while back in New York. 

All the Barrus men brought up their motorcycles so we could go on some rides. Riding through the mountains is a completely different experience than riding in the city or on the freeway, especially with a group of friends! 

Everyone fly fished on Muir lake but there were hardly any fish biting I guess because of summer coming so late. However, Jesse did catch an albino! Regardless of the lack of fish biting... It was so nice and peaceful to be on the lake, fish, watch Jesse and his brother's fish and get some good reading in. 

I love this magazine! Have you ever read it before?

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