Jun 3, 2011

It is 2am and I am waiting for my lover to get home. :) One of my favorite things to do late at night is to take myself on a music-trip escapade. I just now discovered Richard Hawley 5 min ago and I have to share him with you.  Ever heard of him? You probably have! His voice sounds sooo familiar to me and it is killing me right now that I can't think of who he sounds like...Does he sound familiar to anyone out there? Also, do you ever read the comments that people leave on YouTube? They're my favorite because all these strangers seem to express exactly what I am thinking...but even better... Here is what larkin0002 said 2 years ago about Richard Hawley: " Woah!!! This is the best musical discovery I've made in months. What an incredible voice! He could sing the phonebook and I'd still love it." I really just love the phone book comment.  Right now as I write this entry I am listening to his song "Last Order" from his album Coles Corner - it's just piano with some synth.... so beautiful.  BAH! I think I just figured out who he reminds me of...Jeff Buckley [guitar riffs] and the male version of Mazzy Star!!!!

Switching gears.... Valium in the Sunshine by Maps was a song I listened to over and over again right after I moved here to Salt Lake City. I love this guy mostly because he just composes all his songs in his bedroom!
EEK A LEEBA DEEK! I gotta get to bed!! : /

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Cassie said...

I like the phone book comment - so true.

I read an album review of Rufus Wainwright's "Poses" that went something like this:
"it is a brilliant album, but he could sing the McDonald's menu and I'd still think it was great."

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