May 3, 2011

This slide is amazing!  Found via Fine Little Day

Feeling a little under the weather today: really I just can't seem to kick this cold that I have had now for the past 3 weeks ... : /  This soap though....from Feto - looks like it could instantly make me feel better! 

Chocolate Pudding

Lemon Bar 

and Honey

They also have essential oil samples for only $1.99 
and the shipping is free! love free shipping!


jaime said...

I want that slide for myself!!! I love it when people get creative like that.

Also, I've been sick as well. :-( Blah! I blame it on wedding stress. Once I get these invitations out this week I will rest easier. Look for it in the mail soon!

Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

Love that slide, wow! And those soaps look good enough to eat! This is inspiring me to pick up some sweet soaps in the very near future. Hope you feel better soon!

xo Mary Jo

ROXY MARJ said...

ahhh Jaime... DO NOT GET SICK!!! Take your airborne lady! Jesse and I got sick halfway through our honeymoon - it was not fun! :/ Do you guys need help with anything??!! Let me know, I got your back girl!

Mary jo - I couldn't agree more about the soaps [and slide] ;) it would be tempting to put the soaps out on a cake stand on your table and see if anyone tries to eat them! heheheh ---

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