May 4, 2011

Bah! I have a lot of work to do this morning before I actually head to work - so this will be a quick and dirty post ma fwends! :)

Too CUTE to boot hand printed cuff bracelet from Theif & Bandit

>>> $22 US dollars <<<

Bebop on over to West Elm... they have some new items that tweaked my fancy. 

>>> $10 mugs & $8 bowls <<<

>>> Acacia slabs $24 - 34 <<<
>>> David Stark brush stroke dinnerware $32 - 40 <<<

ahhhh and this fabulous Jute Chenille Herringbone rug 
>>>> $50 - 600 <<<


Lastly, I woke this morning at 5 am to having an awesome dream and wishing it was true! Ever have those? The one's where money is involved are thee biggest let down! ha! But this dream was all about one of my favorite fashion designers: Olivier Theyskens 

I dreamt that I was in Paris [I don't know why] working at a pub that had velvet couches all over, warm glowy lighting and then I was walking around wiping down tables.  Olivier Theyskens was sitting at one of them by himself and when I noticed him I freaked out inside.. so then I got the guts to go over and approach him and he invited me to sit down with him and talk. He didn't have an accent and I remember him being really silly and hilarious. Then he mentioned that he was going to New York in a couple hours and I told him I lived there and that I could show him around...however long later, we were then in New York walking around and laughing. Then I woke up. :) 

I have had a designer crush on him since the first article I read about him in Vogue when I was 17. Being so young and knowing what he wanted to do and be in life [so the article said] made me feel a deep [perhaps weird] connection with him.  Plus I really loved his designs when he was younger which were a very elegant gothic way of dressing. NO I WAS NOT GOTHIC when I was younger! :[) and as he has gotten older his style has become even more sophisticated and beautiful! What a dream it would be to work with him!

Then fast forward to my Sophomore year at Parsons and my classmates and I got to go hear Olivier speak at the French Institute there in NYC, AND I even got to ask him a question after his interview was over! He had such amazing energy about him and seemed so interested in everyone's questions that it made him even more endearing. :)  

This image is from a spread in Vogue back in 2006/7 I believe? A whole slew of designers made an "Alice in Wonderland" themed dress for this... Theyskens' was amaaazing!

Back in 2006 Theyskens became the artistic director at Nina Ricci

Here is one of the looks from his time there - how beautiful is this dress??! 

And now recently he has been asked by Theory to do a Spring 2011 capsule collection for them. 
I wish I could say that I am in love with this collection..... but I am not. :(  There is nothing in at least these  three looks that gets me excited. If an outfit, article of clothing etc. doesn't move me in a positive way then I won't buy it... these looks are too watered down for me, plus --- where's the prints?...says the print lover. 

well, anyways...this post was more about my dream with Mr. Theyskens... and not so much Theory. 

>>> that was not a quick & dirty post huh!? <<<
 : /


fanciful no.2 said...

oh, that david stark dinnerware is amazing! just added it to my wishlist...

Jesse Lee Barrus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ROXY MARJ said...

I am right there with you fanciful no. 2! :)

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