May 26, 2011

I love The Ocean Blue.... especially THIS song of theirs... When I find a song I love I will listen to it over and over again - AT LEAST a 100+ times in that week!  I do this because it helps with remembering that exact time, season, smell and look of everything at that moment, or week etc... The Ocean Blue reminds me so much of when my old friend and I went on a month long road trip back when I was 17. We drove from Utah up to Seattle then down to Portland, San Fransisco, L.A. then back up to San Fransisco and back to Utah. That was one of the best trips I have ever taken. And every time I hear The Ocean Blue play I am instantly reminded of driving up towards Seattle in the rain and passing all the green pine trees....passing the truckers and doing the fist pull to get them to honk their horns.... fun times. :)


If you would like, a free little print out.  It is 8.5x11 so just click on the image and it will open up to it's original size. :) This quote is one of my favorites. It's so true, and there is no arguing it.... how we view things, where our happiness lies is all up to us and no one else, no matter what the circumstances are. 


joN. said...

kudos on the ocean blue. i rarely meet another fan. it's veeerrry refreshing.

ROXY MARJ said...

Jon...I believe you and I have many similar 80's music interests... :-[)

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