May 27, 2011

Hope everyone has an awesome Memorial Day Weekend planned!  Yesterday for work I drove up to Logan Utah with some other co-workers to quickly do some store merchandising. Check out how beautiful of a drive we had.... AND we passed some people having a Memorial Weekend Rendezvous in TEE-PEES!!! Oh I soooo want to be there!!!! And on a side note:  Tomorrow, Jesse's dad is getting married. I am very excited for this... Jesse and his siblings are as well but since their mom passed away a year and a half ago it kinda makes it a little hard at times. However, we are all so happy to see Lee [my father-in-law] find someone that he can spend the rest of his life with who makes him very happy! It is going to be a tearful day tomorrow. : /

p.s. if you are not going away for the weekend, check back tomorrow for a pretty rockin art project you just might want to try. :)

MAY 29 -  what was I thinking  with saying thee above ^ .... I had wedding stuff ALLL day yesterday. :-p  Bah!


cJb said...

Roxy, I TOTALLY went to that Rendevouz!

I blogged about it, it was only 2 bucks and worth stopping for.

Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

So beautiful--love this picture and those teepees are amazing! Hope the wedding was a beautiful one. Looking forward to your art project!

xo Mary Jo

ROXY MARJ said...

WAAAAAA I almost cried when I read this post and then saw your pics of it on your blog!!! Colt, that must have been sooo fun!!! :-[)

Couldn't agree with you more Mary Jo!!! The Wedding was beautiful. Pics to come and an awesome craft project as well. :))

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