Apr 28, 2011

Utah is SUNNNAY today! Hope you all are getting some nice weather as well!  And guess what!? I have a free item for you my friends! Read on.....

 But first:

Have you ever stayed at an artists residence or have wanted to? Check out this place:

Fiskars Village! Only 100 euro a month for the maintenance fee! 

 Lovely tempera painting and shoe sculpture found via Galleria Sculptor

and my oh my >>> for all the bag lovah's out there: 

French & English Confectioner's Rucksack found via Laste

now this, is one fantastic bag! AHHH if only I had an industrial sewing machine!

But wait....there's more.  Head on over to French & English Confectioner's own site HERE:

This is their Mother Daughter set! Love!


Who here likes a good mug? One with flowers painted on it? One not too big and not to small?

Up for grabs is my first painted mug with my "Humble" flowers painted all around. 

Honestly it has been YEARS since I have given away a tangible item [I usually do a lot of digital freebies] there is a catch though.... I want to know your most favorite place to vacation and why. Through random.org I will draw a winner on Sunday and then ship your mug off to you as soon as possible! oh! and it is dishwasher safe! :) Good luck ---- can't wait to read the responses! 


denise said...

asheville north carolina! and if you go stay at the rabbit hole!

ROXY MARJ said...

Denise! Thanks for this! I have always wanted to go to North Carolina, mental note: rabbit hole. :)

p.s. your blog IS SO LOVELY!!!!

vivi said...

My best place for vacation at the moment is actually home, Neuch√Ętel in Switzerland. I've lived abroad for 3 years now and every time I go back home over the holidays I find it more beautiful than before. It's strange how much you don't realize all the beautiful things around until you live somewhere else totally different... and believe me, the best place to stay is here: http://chalet.myswitzerland.com/detail/Default.aspx?fewoid=8834&lang=4

ROXY MARJ said...

Vivi! Cute name by the way! :)

I have been to Switzerland once...about 5 years ago and it was soo beautiful there. I stayed in a tiny village up above Martiney <- correct spelling? Or perhaps it was above Lucern? ahhh I forget... anyways thanks sooo much for the tip! That Chalet looks wonderful!

As does the Rabbit Hole Denise! Meant to mention that in my first comment. :)

vivi said...

Roxy, think you meant Martigny (in the French speaking part right?) it's really lovely there!

Kiasa said...

We've discussed Cinque Terre before, right? My favorite place outside the US (so far). In the US my favorite place I've been to is probably biking around Lake Champlain. Loved it! I really want to go to the Smokey Mountains soon. I've heard they are beautiful! *hugs*

denise said...

Thanks Roxy! I love Asheville, NC, but who knows if its exotic. It's just a fun city to visit; they have a place called Sliding Rock... it's a natural water slide on a part of a mountain. When I went, there was a hilarious group of locals and tourists cheering each other on as they slid down into a little cold pool at the base. Best part is, it's only $1.00!

I love your blog as well! Thanks for checking mine out!

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