Apr 27, 2011

Two weekends ago my sister in law and  I went to the D.I. [thrift store] and I purchased this teeny little stand.  Yesterday I decided to paint it along with adding my new favorite flower design I came up with.... The table is a lot brighter blue in person than what it looks like in the picture.... so a couple hours later after I painted it...I decided that I did not like it's brightness.... Going to attempt to make it darker.... :/ kinda bummed now, perhaps I should have just let it alone.

 Here is the top of what that table looks like.  The name of this flower is called the "Humble" - I came up with this design for a little children's book I am working on called "The Humble Bee", which I then plan on submitting to Chronicle books.....  we shall see - I will try and update the progress I make with this little book.  :)


Another little item I found at the D.I. but a long time ago.... I was looking through it this morning only because I was reminded of it when Jesse and I took a drive over to Farmington to look at possibly buying a little house out there. I had never been to Farmington before. It is about 25 min north of Salt Lake City.  I liked it...but wasn't totally sold yet.  I thought there would be more open land, and there seemed to be newer developments around which I don't dislike but we both prefer to be in a much older area of homes.

This book has thee sweetest songs and pictures.... and even though I didn't grow up on a farm, it reminds me a lot of my childhood of being outside and playing, picking fruit, doing yardwork, gardening AND visiting my good friend often who did have farm animals and lots of land.

This picture in the book, at the end. I feel it hits the nail right on the head for what Jesse and I are looking for. Something with a barn/shed to have both our studios and his shop in, a lot of land to have animals and neighbors NOT too close by.... Jesse has mentioned that he and his brother have talked about buying a little plot of land together and then having a house at both ends... what a dream that would be and so fun.  Any of you who are reading this and already have what I have described...I live vicariously through you my friends. :)


dulci said...

Roxy I LOVE that floral pattern! It's so beautiful!!! Quite the little crafty mama!


Jesse Lee Barrus said...
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ROXY MARJ said...

DULCI!!!!! HOW ARE YOU!!!? Oh my goodness it has been forever! :[)

Kiasa said...

I love the table. So beautiful. And you are much closer to living my dream than I am. (older home, land to let kids/animals roam on). I may have to live vicariously through you soon!

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