Apr 5, 2011

A jumbly of things today :)

Last night while Jesse and I were having dinner, we made a  3,6,9 & 12 Month goal chart together. Together we set personal goals and family goals. While laying in bed last night a goal popped into my head that I needed to put on the 3 month column : To memorize all over again the swatches in my "All About Cotton, Wool & Silk" books.  My Sophomore year at Parsons, my Concept's teacher [ Julian ] had us all memorize the fabrics. At first I thought "YEAH RIGHT, that is insane" but then after a month of feeling the fabric and reading all about it, I had almost memorized those books.

Sadly, I have forgotten a lot of information on fabric.  These books are a real asset to have for a fashion/interior/textile designer.


A couple weeks ago a family in our new ward [the Otts] invited Jesse and I over for dinner to celebrate the Iranian New Year with a couple of their other friends. The food/spread was sooooooo delicious and beautiful! I could eat Iranian style all the time! Plus sitting on cushions, eating at a low table completely changes an eating dynamic, it's more intimate and peaceful. 
Wish my pictures were better, a little blurry. : /


With our place coming together, my attention is now on the little things that make a home a home. 
Framing pictures is an easy thing to do, but I love to tell a story... and create a vignette of sorts with pictures, art, trinkets etc. 

Here is a simple photo of my Grandmother when she was younger. I easily cut some heavy weight lined cardstock paper - spray painted it gold, and made a nice graphic frame to go around her picture. 

Another  thing I love doing is collecting bits of fabric with vintage illustrations.  
This guy is from an old ratty/stained and burned table cloth that I cut up. 
I have had this little guy with me for years now and he has followed me from one place to another.  Before framing him I had him hanging above all my kitchen entrances. :)

And lastly, things that I find on the street, in parks, dirt etc.  These two plaster faces I found a couple years back by a tree while waiting for the bus in midtown Manhattan! I was thinking for the longest time of how to properly display them, and then the other day I thought,  frame them!!! :)

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