Apr 4, 2011

Hope everyone had a great weekend! 

Mine was so edifying and uplifting after hearing all the talks given at General Conference. My notes on those talks will be posted this week. :)


The last couple of weeks I have been yearning to make myself a substantial
looking tote bag. This then got me to thinking about macrameing [correct spelling?] a totebag
for myself.  I have a couple books that have wonderful designs throughout, but I love to google image
ideas just to see what else is out there, and what might I be missing? 

Below, a tradition macrame design

or how about a mask? This would make a fantastic shaggy dog costume!

An awesome summertime canopy bed! TEMPTED!!!!

Thee cutest little stools one ever did see

or if you prefer more sophisticated seating

but in all seriousness.... let's get practical! [lol - too funny!]

in the end, this is more what I am leaning towards.  This design on this clutch is perfect. 
It is hearty and graphic, I love it. :)

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