Mar 9, 2011

Yesterday I got most of my office/design area organized... It will be nice to finally get back to sewing, making, painting etc.  Earlier this morning I decided to go through my old photos from way back when I sewed clothing and made accessories [2002-2004] that I then at the time sold on my website - school started and everything was put on hiatus. Thankfully! I couldn't help but laugh at all the things I made.  Many of which I would never wear or adorn myself in...HOWEVER, it is really good to have as much documentation of one's work I believe.  We always want to be better than our last design...that is what my teachers at Parsons would say to us over and over again. And it is true.  2011 has definitely been a good year for me so far.  I have so many goals and dreams that I want to attain as quickly as possible [instant gratification syndrome] I bet many of my dreams are probably the same or very similar to any of you guys reading this.   I have spent a good amount of time wondering the best way to go about doing them...and the only thing I can come up with is Nike's famous slogan: JUST DO IT! --- Right?!  How funny if their slogan was: Try and do it if you can, or  Try and make time for it! lol Yeah right! Nope - it is JUST DO IT!  I ironically got the bug? to start a mini clothing line...ironic because that is what I went to school for --- but halfway through school I realized that passion A was in illustration...Fashion Design was passion B.  Anyways, tables have not turned...just merged...and I find myself saying these last couple weeks: JUST DO IT! 


Here are some of my "designs" that I made before I started school... it is hard to pinpoint the style I was going for... It looks like I was making clothes for the crafty country raver or something.

But first, my humble little sewing area.... teeny tiny. :)


2cookie said...

Roxy I like the one with the cats! ha

2cookie said...

That Ha wasn't like ... oh just joking .... it was ... ha like I'm so cool and funny and I like it.

ROXY MARJ said...

The cats top is hilarious huh!! :[) I wish I could remember the girl who bought it...I think she was 15/16 at the time. :)

Robert said...

These are stinkin priceless!! How could you sell them! I wish I'd known you at the time!

-The Player


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