Mar 30, 2011

Wish I could go to this opening at Gallery Hanahou - one of my favorite artists: Marcus Oakley 
 [see pic below] will be in their Hanahou's new upcoming show "Prints & Pages" 
 Opens April 7th 2011 and goes till May 6th 2011

Read in The New Yorker this morning about Willie Nelson and Wynton Marsalis's collaboration tribute 
to Ray Charles. They have just come out with a  new album titled " Here We Go Again"  that is a recording of their live performance at Lincoln Center's Rose Theatre.  I just went and listened to the album on Amazon, and it is FANTASTIC! Do go and take a listen for yourselves!  Don't you just love the cover design?! 


Just read this fun "Featured Seller" article over at Etsy about Tony, the owner of Rocky Top Soap Shop Tony and his girlfriend make some fantastic looking soaps - I say fantastic because they look so nice I would display them as works of art on a shelf [like how they have pictured] in my bathroom. 

+ making soap sounds like so much fun.+ 

go read about Tony


A fantastic DIY project found via Madame Herve' which can originally be found

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