Nov 2, 2010

Beautiful photographs by >>> Knit a Latte  <<<

And how fantastic is this necklace????? Seeing this gave me a fabulous idea : a crocheted baby sling!

Cozy finger puppets from  >>> Baby Animals <<<

+ gosh, there are so many talented & creative people out there....and so many of them live at Etsy! +


Check out this girl's items from Osaka Japan... Her berets have me crying glitter they're so magical!

A gold apple seed ring from >>> Anne Arden Mcdonald <<<


Stephanie said...

What a fabulous idea - crochet baby sling! I also love the berets. Looks like a cute little mushroom head. Thanks for sharing!

ROXY MARJ said...

Thanks Stephanie! Seriously, wouldn't that look so stunning to wear around one's body and with a baby tucked sweetly inside!? :)

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