Jun 30, 2010

SOMEONE NEEDS TO SPANK ME! I haven't done a legit post in awhile! SHAME ROXY...SHAME! I have TONS of pictures to share with you all that are sure to inspire, make you laugh & hopefully make you want to visit the WONDERFUL state of Utah! Seriously, everyday I wake up and say how much I love living here... am I getting super cheesy now? 8^[) ha! But no. seriously. This lady has some serious footage to share... check back if your bored. :)


before I hit the sack >>>> a new illustration! I like this one a lot because if our world was a perfect world...I would totally be dressed like this girl every.single.day! Except for the occasional days that require overalls & dresses... but red shorts, black boots & gloves! TRUST me >>> THIS IS ONE HOT OUTFIT!

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