Apr 12, 2010

Had a pretty eventful week, here is 40% of what I did...

My friend Angela and I helped our friend Juidiith Clawson [pictured, center] with our mutual friends wedding reception, doing the flowers and center pieces.

Working with flowers is a lot of fun! I have made single bouquets for myself but never for a party/reception. It definitely makes me want to get a magnifying glass even more...seeing all their interesting parts and whatnot... Juidiith let Angela and I go to town with the flowers, this is some of what we came up with! :)

After wards, Angela and I and our friend Chase got a quick bite to eat at Siegfrieds delicatessen, a German restaurant! This was my meal... I am a creature of habit, I get the same thing every time >>> lettuce, cheese & tomato sandwich - sparkling drink & caramel waffle crisps... but I did try some of my friend's dinner, & that was tasty...but a little too fall/winter for me. 8^p

Angela's meal:

Then we cruised off to go see a show. Outside of the venue [In the Venue] was this AWESOME taco stand! I loooove how they wrote Taco! That is some good design right there!

Saw Mr. Mayer Hawthorne >>> who was super soulful & SEXY! HOO HAW! 8^[) That guy is smooth!

AND THEN!!!!! PASSION PIT CAME ON! WHOO HOO! This was my 2nd time seeing them this year...& the show was even better! Crazier crowd though... I have mixed feelings with that...

me with Angela & Chase ---- I am wearing my ROX LOBSTER look FYI! ;-o

with my street friends Josh, Trevor, Justin, Gabrielle & Riley!

I couldn't believe it, after the show...this super tall dude was waving tickets in the air and saying free tickets blah blah blah...I thought he was giving away the Passion Pit stubs or something? YEAH! NO! He was giving MGMT COMP tickets away! Total Bummer...but my friend Justin was smart enough to snag one! ;[)

And then...when I got home...I had kind of a major crazy high...I couldn't sleep [still wanted to keep dancing into the night] so I made A LOT of jewelry! I tell ya, if I wasn't Mormon...i'd be a total raver! I would! :/


nylon baby said...

passion pit = awesome

ROXY MARJ said...

seriously! I could passion pit it ALLLLL DAAAAAY long! I seriously need to marry someone with as much energy as me!

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