Mar 19, 2010

Happy Friday friends! Heading to the post now to mail some letters, buy stamps, and then get some new sunglasses.... sadly, I have lost my darling tortoise shell pair a couple weeks ago. Honestly, I think she hit the highway, has better things to do than hang around with me protecting my eyes from the uv rays.... she is probably down in Mexico partying it up or something... anyhoo..isn't this chicken great!? Who wouldn't want this fine creature for a pet? SIGN ME UP!!! found via Global Envision

Okay, fashion stuff: This image is seriously THEEEE CUTEST! I LOVE this girl's teeth! I WANT THEM! I confess, I am a little bummed now that my teeth are moving in the direction of straightness.... so long cute crooked teeth... :( really, I am going to miss them...anyways...on a happier note? AHHHH CHANEL! HOW I LOVE THEE! These two wheat accessories are truly to die for! I would give my first born for them. I would! I don't think I have wanted anything as bad as these items, especially the necklace. Okay well that is not true...recently I have been wanting a dog & red truck [Toyota Tacoma<- don't ask] REALLY bad..... and perhaps a couple other things! Oh yeah...New paint brushes... I tend to want lots of things all of the time.. ha lol!



LOVE LOVE LOVE these slacks! Especially since I have almost the exact same pair that I got at the thrift store a couple months ago for work at the B&B. At work I feel like a total lame-o-muffin wearing them with my "Armstrong Mansion" black polo [Armstrong Mansion said sarcastically while rolling my eyes] nothing like an ill-fitting CROPPED polo to mess up a fabulous pair of pants/ensemble! :/ BUT...this image has lifted my spirits + looking forward to wearing those slacks with ONLY my silk tops!

Okay Summer! Meet ch'ya on the corner in 5!

all the images above, minus the chicken, found via SO-EN magazine


Sam and Livi said...

those hair images are so inspiring! i wish i had long hair to braid and and embellish

ROXY MARJ said...

Seriously! Soooo beautiful! Get extensions!!! ;-[) my girlfriend just got them and they look FANTASTIC! I kid you not...they look so great & you can't even tell she has them in!! <3 BUT I think short embellished hair is just as beautiful! Take Gwyneth Paltrow's character for instance in Sliding Doors... when she chops her hair and decorates it for a restaurant opening she put together... soo so SO cute! ;)

KamilahNYC said...

hahahahahahahah re: LIFE ALERT!
You just had to throw that in there? Tooo funny. thanks for the morning laugh.

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