Nov 8, 2009

This past Wednesday I got to spend the day in Provo with my friend Greg <> together we are working on a having a joint show for spring 2010. Before arriving at Greg's ceramic studio, I caught my shadow.

In studio...after a long days work. I think my face looks funny in this picture and I don't recognize this "new" look I am giving...that is because earlier that morning I got my invisalign put on... I now have tons of new facial expressions to show off, but for now - they're in my back pocket.

Had to do some preliminary sketches of Gold-digger before actually painting him on the bowl...forgot what he looked like.

For those of you who know me, you know I like beards and mustaches and gapped teeth...I combined the two loves and gave Gold-digger a gapped beard! Brilliant, no?

One of our pieces before getting fired.


Robert said...

GAPPED BEARD! Now I've seen it all.

Chaunté Vaughn said...

oh oh! i must have a bowl with your little gold digger on it!!!!

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