Sep 9, 2009

Next to succulents, Lambs Ear has become my new favorite plant! I could touch these little leaves for hours and hours... and supposedly they are easy to maintain. :)

Thought this bouquet of Lambs Ear is just gorgeous! Could do without the other things on the dresser... I think this would also look lovely on a table with a nice reddish/orange linen table cloth! All the pics below are from Country Living

geese! love! :)

Beautiful tree with an amzaing barn in the back! ohhhhh summer, I am going to miss you.. but so excited to greet fall! :)


Nicomi "Nix" Turner said...

Oh my god! There is a bush of these at a house next to the office. Every morning I rub them for a good 2 minutes. Such an incredible plant. But I am also the weirdo who strokes cactus :)

ROXY MARJ said...

LOVE IT! Please tell me you do not stroke the prickly kind!? :[)

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