Sep 9, 2009

Haven't really started a new sketchbook due to the fact of my favorite kind being sold out at Design Partners in NYC..I had literally just finished my huge thick book right as school ended in May... Went to Pearl Paint, Dick Blick, FIT Book store etc. all in the hopes of these shops selling them... > nope < :( So I just stocked up on more mole skins and have stuck to those till I would go back for a visit and hopefully find the book... well let me just say that I was RIGHTEOUSLY SHOCKED when I found my favorite sketchbook in the "arts & crafts" section at SMITHS grocery store here in Salt Lake City!!! AND it was half the price than what Design Partners charged! Yee-haw!
I don't know what it is about this paper, or if it is just the thick heartiness of it, but my 6B-8B pencils draw like butter over it, my Muji pens feel important on it and my Progresso Koh-I-Noor Czech's produce this amazing robust color... :) cheesy, I know! BUT I LOOOOOVE this sketchbook! Now onto making a cover for it! :)

First drawing in my book:

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