Oct 20, 2016

A studio closet makeover!

Scroll down a couple posts and you can see the before and afters of my office studio. The walls were khaki without the pleats! ;) haha. We painted the studio all white except for the closet...I wanted that khaki color because I was to paint a mural in it utilizing that shade. Here are the before and afters. :)

painting snow mounds

adding a little snowdrift [?] texture

painted my "Roxy Marj Winnie Pine Trees" on each large mound... but I didn't want them to be so bold looking. For this mural I was going for a modern/rustic vibe with some softness...

I whitewashed over the trees, the whole closet

now to add little mountains, cabins, cottages, and gypsy wagons! So fun. :)

then with some watered down black/blue/grayish paint, add some smaller 
trees to fill in the white space

After that was complete, we installed a shelf to put my sewing books and old sketchbooks on and then put my industrial sewing machine and serger back in it's place. My next revamp will be those curtains. They're nice and simple...pretty even, but not magical...they need some magic! ;-[)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Lastly.... we have a new friend staying with us. Her name is Sidney, she is six years old and is a Terrier mix. We found Sidney through Lead and Love Rescue just outside of Redmond, OR. 

Sidney wasn't treated well by the people who owned her. She was overbread, kept outside the whole time and because of how stressed she was she would chew on rocks...so she doesn't have any of her front teeth. This past Monday when picked her up for the first time [from the vet] she had just gotten spayed and a couple teeth pulled. She's on a lot of medication and was nervous to come with us. 

But she has done really well so far, she and Harley are getting along fantastic considering he kinda has "only child" syndrome [Harley is 14 years old for those of you who don't know] and that makes us even happier that he has been good about sharing his bed, food and water with her. Now I just love that little guy even more. We are supposed to foster Sidney for a week and the plan is that if all goes well we will adopt her.... it looks like we may be adopting her. ;) 

Day 1:
pretty out of it. :(


Day 2: curiosity sets in and she is starting to eat some food and drink some water.


Day 3: a friendship is starting to forge... ;-[)

Day 4: Doggies that nap together look out for each other! Melts my heart. :)

So so glad these two are getting along. Dogs have such a sweet spirit don't you think?


Anonymous said...

Dear Roxy,
Your studio is beautiful and magical as is everything you do. I have been following your work ever since I saw an illustration of yours on the old old cutxpaste website - a girl laying down (and drawing? I can't remember it now but I had it saved on one of my old computers all the way back in 2004 or something) wearing the most magical outfit. the mood in that illustration fascinated me and i knew i wanted to see more. and i was right. seeing everything you have done all these years has been equally magical and happy and i have no doubt many more people feel exactly the same way. so congratulations on your more than well deserved new achievement (i am not saying success because i always regarded you as a very successful person to begin with). the reason i am writing this is because i saw what you also wrote on being a cheerleader (on instagram). i felt sad that someone who can feel and express such beautiful moods and little (not in effect) magical moments and worlds had to feel that way. i know you know you are not alone but here is one more person saying it. (happens to me a lot, too, so much so that i ended up preferring to remain anonymous on the internet which is such a drag and perhaps the wrong way to go about it). for a million times have i looked at your beautiful drawings on bad days and on difficult days (and there's been some incredibly difficult ones) just to be in a better and sweet place. i can safely say that you have helped me keep calm and safe. i certainly also looked at and enjoyed your work when things were not tough cause i don't need some somber reason to do so, really. it is just pure joy, and i thank you for it. a very heartfelt thank you. and cheers to you.


Anonymous said...

p.s.: calm and sane, not 'safe' :)

cecelia said...

I'm glad you still blog. While I love instagram etc, there's something about seeing the process of something like this unfold that proves this remains a relevant format. Beautiful work!!

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