Dec 27, 2015

Today's painting was inspired by these 3 things:

A sketch of a furr-child from my sketchbook,
and some vintage New Years cards! I especially like the Jewish one cute!

* Just in case you're wondering about my gray sleeve with the stars on it?? :-[)  I received this for Christmas from my's a plush onesie...and i'm assuming it was bought with the new Star Wars movie in mind? Either way, it's become my Star Wars marathon outfit. So perfect! ;-p

This painting is titled:

"Welcome New Year" 

[can you tell i'm not the most creative in naming my paintings?!! insert blushing emoji!] 

To win this painting, please answer the questions below
and leave your answers ON MY INSTAGRAM account, not on here....
first person with all 5 correct answers on my most recent ig post, wins.  Good luck! :-[) 

1. What is the name of this color for 2016 from Pantone?

2. has a Tomboy lookbook, they are suggesting something is relaxed, what are they referring to? 

3. What is another word for Dutch Vermilion? Merriam-Webster answer

4. The first Star Wars movie became the highest grossing movie of all time, BUT I want to know the movie that surpassed that right after. 

5. How many films has Drew Barrymoore been in? imdb

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