Dec 16, 2015

Today's painting up for grabs is quite the catch guys!! :-[) 

It doesn't have a title, but for now I will just call it "lil toadstools in sportsocks" 

The back story is this lady Toadstool is a single mom raising four little toadstools [with buckteeth]  all by herself. Lucky for her they are the most helpful and kind little toadstools she could ever ask for.  Their neighbor up in the pine tree Netty the Owl, loves those toadstools with all her heart...and when mama Toadstool is out running errands...Netty looks after the little toadstools... For Christmas, Netty knitted the little toadstools sport socks. The four little toadstools have never felt anything cozier in all their month long life... now the four toadstools and their momma are out on a walk together talking about what they can get Netty for Christmas. :) 

If you would like to win this painting, answer these 11 questions below. Then when you have all correct answers...leave a comment on my instagram account. First person with all correct answers wins! Make sure you have all of the answers... if you have 8 and left out 2, and then someone comments right after you with all 10, and then you comment after them with the other 2...that person ahead of you wins the painting. Just want to be clear, so feelings aren't hurt when this does happen. 

here are the questions:

Questions 1-4 
Name these  4 logos, which i tweaked on purpose.

5. What kind of owl is this?

6. What is the name of this cute baby and 7. who is the photographer who took her photo [hint: some instagram posts back...I talk about a recent photoshoot with our products that we just had]

8.  What size does this Shanna Murray decal come in? 

9. What is John B. Stetson known for?

10. Mr. Bean pulls a pair of what out of his jacket?

11. What is the name of the owl who knitted the sport socks for the little toadstools? ;-[)


TheClovenHeart said...

1. Pinterest

2. Toblerone

3. Starbucks

4. Rolling Stones

5. Snowy owl

6. Frankie!!

7. @_jillthomas

8. 13"x16"

9. He invented the cowboy hat!

10. Scissors!

11. Netty

rachy b said...

1. Pinterest
2. Toblerone
3. Starbucks
4. Rolling Stones
5. Snowy owl
6. Frankie
7. photographer Jill Thomas
8. 13 x 16 inches
9. He is a hatter
10. Socks
11. Netty the owl

Fingers crossed x

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