Dec 9, 2015

Today's painting to win is actually not a's a pencil drawing! :-p 

It's titled "Children of Winter" and this is my very favorite one so much so that
I am going to have a hard time giving it away, so whoever wins better take care of it!

My illustration was inspired by this beautiful painting of this woman...

Because I love this illustration so much, and have nooo problem keeping it for myself...ha!  I am cranking up the level of intensity to win. So you really need to want this, and you need to be fast!

Answer all 10 EASY questions and the first person with all the correct answers on my instagram page wins! Some of these questions don't require EXACT answers...just make sure it's in the neighborhood. :) Good luck! Bah, now i'm getting sweaty palms just typing this. ;-p

1. What dos Apres Ski mean?
2. Who is the Prime Minister of Norway right now?
3. What two countries share Patagonia?
4. What was Nora Ephron best known for?
5. When did Albert Einstein die? 
6. When was hot cocoa invented?
7.According to folklore, what year was the candy cane invented?
8. What does siesta mean in spanish? 
9. What is the name of the phobia that is for fear of heights?
10. How many hours are there in a year? 

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