Dec 1, 2015

Today is the day!!! My second annual Roxy Marj painting a day giveway starts NOW!! :-[)  This year we decided to kick it up a notch and make it a little harder, or at the very least, take a little longer to win each painting. We will be asking you to complete a photo scavenger hunt. Each day we will ask you to find a few common items, take a picture of them, and post them on Instagram with the hashtag of the day #rmdec1 #rmdec2 #rmdec3  and so on...  [public accounts only] If you don't have one of the items, then you can draw it or cut it out of a magazine and include it in your photo. But you MUST have all the items. First photo with all the items, wins the painting of the day! 

First Painting up for grabs:

"Lady Winnie Winter" 

Items needed in your photo to win

- cranberry
- black sock
- dinosaur
- stamp


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