Dec 6, 2015

Dec 6th's painting up for grabs is:

"The Most Important Work..." 

Letterpressed on super thick paper, signed and numbered

Printed by Twin Ravens Press 

If you would rather purchase this limited edition print, you can do so here in our shop. 

To win this letterpress print, please answer these questions. Then quickly go over to my post on instagram and leave your answers. First person with all 3 correct answers wins. Good luck! :-[)

Who is this a painting of?

What is the name of the Patisserie in Brooklyn, NY where these cookies are made?

What is the title of this painting?


Kylie said...

1. Norman Rockwell!
2. Burrow
3. "Family Tree"

My grandparents have a lot of his calendars and prints, so I feel like I grew up with his works.

Torrie Gass said...

1. Norman Rockwell
2. Burrow, artist is AYAKO KUROKAWA
3. A Family Tree by Norman Rockwell

Merry Christmas! :)

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