Dec 13, 2014

If you have purchased an Heirloom blanket for Christmas, or a birthday, or special day coming up and due to the lead time it won't arrive for that day... well I have made these images just in case you would like to print it out and use it as a card to give to your loved one... :)  just click on one of the will open up in a new window, drag that image to your desktop and print out...or take to a local printer for it to be even fancier...don't forget to ask to have it printed on 100 lb. paper! 

xo Happy Holidays everyone... 

1 comment:

Alia Tan said...

Hi Roxy from Singapore!

I would like to get the Heirloom bear blanket! Please let me know how can I go about ordering? I dont see it on Etsy.

Alia Tan

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