Dec 3, 2013

Today's painting is inspired by Francis and the Lights' song "Like a Dream"  

Last night while watching the video it made me think of my character Moon and the painting I did over 4 years ago of him going to work. To bring you up to speed: The story behind Moon is that he is a hard worker and takes his job very seriously, unlike Sun...who is careless, forgetful and just wants to have fun all the time. Moon wears a business suit to work every night, along with a top hat and carries a briefcase full of newspapers. On the outside he comes across somewhat mysterious, and sort of intimidating...but really Moon is probably the most sensitive character you will ever meet. Because he is so serious though, he rarely makes time to let loose and just have fun. While watching this video "Like a Dream" I instantly transferred Moon into this man [Francis] and imagined that he was on his way to work as usual...and then out of nowhere decided to start skipping... well after 30+ plus repeats of this song [i'm pretty obsessed] I came up with this lil painting.  Now, how do you win this? In the video he says he was waiting for something to start.... first person to tell me the correct answer on my instagram, will get this painting of Moon skipping his way to work! :) Good Luck! 

This was the painting of Moon from 2009 that my friend Christopher Palazzo
 [pictured] bought at my art show... it's a little small, but this is the only picture I have of 
Moon walking upstairs, going to work. :)


little poet said...

this is so beautiful

thank you for the listen

Torrie Gass said...

Even though I wasn't fast enough for the print, I just have to say a big THANKS for sharing this video! It's quickly become a new favourite - I totally get how you're obsessed with it :) Thanks for introducing me to a new band!

ROXY MARJ said...

Little Poet & Torrie,
you're very welcome guys! :-[)

I wish the more artists/musicians/actors would get creative and come up with stuff that has you inspired and looking at it again and again, rather then creating shock value work that has you looking because you're disgusted or not looking at all...Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga come to mind every time this topic gets brought up... Here's to Francis and the Lights...a totally UNDERATED musician and singer!


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