Feb 11, 2013

Yesterday evening we had a drug bust right across the street from us. It was pretty scary. The S.W.A.T Team was there, along with their dog and then cops standing by outside with rifles. The most heartbreaking thing of all was that there is a little 6 year old girl who lives inside. :[ I was trying to hold back the tears when I saw one of the officers grab a teddy bear from the back of his vehicle and walk back towards the house... My heart goes out to that little girl and the fear she must have been experiencing...I can't even begin to imagine. I really thought that our neighborhood was pretty safe especially since kids are out and about all the time. This was a huge selling factor when deciding on the neighborhood and our little house. But apparently from what I've gathered from other neighbors...this kind of stuff is everywhere now, and it's best to keep your eyes peeled.

Because I work in our office everyday and it has corner two corner windows, I see a lot that goes on! Well, I had noticed that a couple cars every day would always drive down our street and then stop right in front of the hedges across from our house for a couple min.... I thought this was soo weird, but even weirder, random cars would pull up to our 3 little mailbox stand and wait for a min. or two and then drive off. This past summer I mentioned it to Jesse and told him to start watching, and then when he started to take notice he was just as alarmed. We didn't ever say anything, and now I regret not calling the cops about it. :/ But Jesse thinks that this house across the street has been watched by the cops for awhile now...hence the S.W.A.T. Team... gosh!

Well, on a lighter muuuch happier note [I apologize for those who already read about this on my fb page & instagram] I received a book in the mail that I had been searching for for the last couple of years now. The sweetest lady emailed me last month letting me know that she saw on my pinterest this book I pinned and the message that I wrote next to it. Well, she had found a bookseller who was selling it for a very affordable price! I had only found it a couple times in the past 3 years and both prices were waaaay over my budget. So today I want to share the entirety of this book with you. Thank you Hamsa for such a sweet act of kindness you showered on me, I plan on paying it forward! :) xo

The Old Man's Mitten also known as "The Mitten" 

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Lastly, my homage to two bloggers. Yesterday's blogger thank you goes to:

I just looove Line's blog. I've mentioned her on my blog before .... She shows her readers things that I personally haven't seen before. It's funny being on Pinterest...because I tend to feel like i've seen everything... which I know it isn't true. Line's blog  is definitely a peak into her universe. I like where her mind goes and I love seeing what she finds to be interesting and inspiring.... Line shared on her blog a picture of my clutches all wrapped up. Thank you Line for sharing my work with your readers, I really appreciate it!!! :) 

This picture is of her "paper blanket" that was in her exhibition [?] titled: Scrap work Constellation 2012 which was shown at Anaise in California. 

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And today's thank you thank you goes to: 

If you don't know of Oh Joy....well i'm definitely not the one to reprimand you....I mean, I just FINALLY got a smartphone a couple weeks ago and they have been around for YEARRRS now...so obviously I am not someone who is always on the hip bandwagon...and if I ever am on that bandwagon, well it's most likely because I bought the ticket at the thrift store and am shining people's shoes or something....anyways. ha! lol Back to Joy and her wonderful blog. If you like bright, happy, uplifting popular contemporary design...well then you will or already do love Oh Joy. She has a huge following, a following that I wasn't made aware of until I saw my Etsy stats go from 50 views this past summer to over 800 in one day. I was so confused and even more confused why I was getting so many orders for my spotted clutch all of a sudden. Well, I noticed they were coming from Joy's blog. It really just takes one or two people to talk about something you've done...then all of a sudden it spreads like wild fire. :) Thank you again Joy for taking the time to share my little clutch with your readers, and truly help a small designer like myself! 

this pictures is of Joy's living room. The wallpaper she designed herself and sells at Hygge & West I am definitely envious [but in a positive non-insecure way] of this lady's talent! Go Joy! :)

& a little book trailer [?] of Joy for her book Blog, Inc. which you can purchase HERE.


Ashley said...

Ahh, how scary! Was the drug bust at the house with the VW van or the house with all the toys in the yard?? Our neighbor has been arrested several times, it is a bit unnerving.

ROXY MARJ said...

It was at the house with all the toys in the yard. The "VW" house is normal. Jim and his family live there. The house right next door to us on our left seems shifty though too.... That is crazy about your neighbor...do you know what he was arrested for? This incident really makes me want to get involved with city council or something. I dunno.. :/

Ashley said...

That is crazy, I think we still live in a pretty good neighborhood though, I've never felt unsafe. There aren't many sex offenders so that's a plus right! I think he was arrested for drugs? Not totally sure. He gives me the creeps, I'll have to tell you a story about him sometime.

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