Jan 23, 2013

A classmate of mine from Parsons and one of my favorite designers from our graduating class, Lee Anderson, asked if I would contribute to her magazine Potluck this year. I just received my copy in the mail yesterday and am so impressed with Lee even more! She was someone I definitely looked up to in school, not just because of how amazing of a designer she is...but she seemed to do it all so effortlessly.... love being around people like that.

I had Jesse photograph some of my favorite pages from this years Potluck. 

Another thing about Lee....she has her own line called Starkweather, which is mainly outerwear pieces...I believe she will be adding accessories as well [?] I look forward to that day when I get to own some Starkweather pieces of my own, they have such a modern timelessness to them. 

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a few things that make me happy: 

yarn with a face + finding my old 3D glasses [paper] + Harely wearing my 3D glasses


Anonymous said...

I recognize that rug print :) It's something on my list of things that make me happy this week!

Here in Florida, they give out 3D glasses at a theme park called Legoland. They glasses make fireworks and string lights look like little legos! I've never been, but my husband's parents live close enough to see the firework show from their backyard, so they loaned us their glasses to watch the magic.

Lee Anderson's spring line is beautiful as well. What a gorgeous palette. Where can you purchase her pieces?

Alice Osborne said...

So cool you are in Pot Luck. I knew Scamberry would hit it big! Your photography is lovely, Roxy--and Harley is so photogenic!

ROXY MARJ said...

I've heard of Legoland before, that's so fun that the 3D glasses make the fireworks & lights look like legos! :)

Good question about Lee's collection. I actually don't know, try getting in touch with her through her site [that I linked up top] it may just be in select boutiques in Paris...:/

Mom, yes I was so excited to get to contribute to this year's potluck. Remind me to show it to you when you come over. :)

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