Dec 11, 2012

"The most important room in the home - your bedroom - THAT'S where you start first with your anit-clutter control! And take a look at the smart way to store your tights, leggings, and pantyhose. Finally, here's what to do with toddler and baby clothes! Home management is so much easier when you're using these tips." - Alice Osborne, my mother. :)

More tips from my Mom: 

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have more time and energy for what matters most—achieving goals, pursuing dreams, and especially nurturing loving relationships? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our homes expressed an atmosphere that encouraged, supported, and fostered healthy esteem? This can be the case if we fill our homes with quality rather than quantity—if we learn to live clutter-free.

To begin, set a bedroom clothes closet goal: The closet should be attractive and it should serve you rather than frustrate you. You should be able to find what you need or want quickly and easily, and what you do find should look good on you and help you feel great about yourself. You’re going to touch each and every item and ask yourself “Do I still like this?” (Never mind how much it cost.) “Do I still use this?” (Never mind who gave it to you.) “Do I still need this?” (Yes, you may need it some day, but meanwhile give it to the person who does need it TODAY, and if ever the need arises for another, borrow it from an overloaded neighbor.) “Do I still want this?” (This is where you must watch out for over-sentimentalizing.) Send anything you don’t feel terrific in to charity—you’ll be better off without it. If you’re mired in sentiment, consider bringing in a brave and trusted friend whose unbiased opinion could speed up decision-making. Finally ask, “Do I even have room for this?” (Forget about the day when you add-on—deal with TODAY by accepting and living within the fixed space you have now.)

Closets tend to house a lot of stuff that should really be kept someplace else. To avoid the “chucking and stuffing pattern,” live by the rule that the closet is for clothes and clothes-related items only. No golf clubs, tennis rackets, ski poles, soccer balls, shot guns, luggage (sure it holds clothes, but there’s a better place for it), Christmas ornaments, etc. etc. allowed. Not even extra bedding. (Bed linens and spare blankets can be folded in half and placed between the box spring and mattress. Even electric blankets and controls can be stored here. No one will know the difference, they are easily accessed, and precious closet space is free for clothes-related things.)

Closets don’t need to be humungous to serve us well. It’s time we quit wishing for what we don’t have and make excellent use of what we do have. BIG isn’t better—it’s just BIG. Small closets can be perfectly fine, IF they are only housing things you  like, use, need, want, and  have room for.

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And... a great diy tutorial I saw on Pinterest a couple months ago was to make boot shapers out of water bottles!  My sister Mari and I have been meaning to get together and do this for sometime now, and then a couple weeks ago she said we should just use pool noodles instead! You might think, what's the point of keeping your boot's shape, but this helps the longevity of them, just like the other simple tips my mom suggested in her latest video... and taking care of things automatically means you are saving money over time. Now who doesn't like that? 


Jill said...

Your illustrations - so darling. Next edition of your Mom's books is set. :)

I love your Mom's tips, I so agree that starting in the bedroom is best, because then YOU feel great and it is a motivator to move on to other areas.

Loving this series!

ROXY MARJ said...

Thanks Jill!

My mom will be so happy to read your comment! :-[) I should illustrate her next book, huh! I'm calling Barnes & Noble right now. lol

p.s. EXCITED to meet you on Saturday! :-[)

handmade romance said...

go alice! these videos are so great. and i agree with the comment above about your illustrations! i love your giggles from behind the camera too : )

ROXY MARJ said...

Thanks Evie! :-[) Your comment willl make my Mom's day! :) xo

rike said...

by the way, i love to hear you giggling in the background ;)

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