Nov 1, 2012

The more videos I watch of people taking the "risk" of going after their dreams and succeeding, the less of a freak I feel like.  I would be lying if I said I didn't care what people thought about me in regards to my "employment" status.... but then the other day it dawned on me.... Why am I caring about what other's think [the one's who can't relate to taking risks] when if anything, I should be looking to those who have or do take risks and know exactly what goes on in one's mind.

What spawned my realization, was this video of Rachel Elnaugh : business mentor & entrepreneur 
which I found while searching entrepreneurial videos on youtube

I can't tell you how much better I felt about my situation after hearing her say "every entrepreneur has a dark period" and that she was sooo close to giving up. I too have felt this way many times. What helps bring me out of some of those dark periods is my husband Jesse. He reminds me of why I like to design and be creative, and that if I didn't make a go of my company/brand, then no one would know of my Roxy Marj world.  We all have favorite designers, musicans, and for some, like me: illustrators. What if they didn't exist and everything looked and sounded the same? I also know that I wouldn't be who I was without those other pioneers paving a way and creating product to be inspired by. 

One of the other things that Rachel Elnaugh said in her talk that caught my attention was: "Ask for help, it's amazing how many people suffer in silence." This really is why I use my blog so often as a platform, so if there happens to be anyone out there going through similar experiences... you hopefully won't feel so all alone like I do somedays. With that said I am thinking about starting a small bi-weekly meet up that is centered around entrepreneurship and how to help one another even if it's only from telling personal stories that we can relate well as be inspired by. 

 I just saw this video over at A Few Things From My Life - This inspiring video is of a couple who had an idea, and with perseverance, a good work ethic and faith led to bigger things. 

Lastly, so I end on a good note with anyone reading about my current situation... there's a new sheriff in town folks, and she has chutzpah! Watching entrepreneurial video after video and listening to podcasts about growing your business has significantly changed my mindset on how I look at what it is I am trying to do with Roxy Marj as a brand. And really, what I think it boils down to is believing in yourself [a common theme re-iterated in these videos] working hard, and well into the night most likely and never ever giving up! :) 


robayre said...

I needed this post. Thank you so much. I'm one of those people who is afraid to take the leap, but the day in and day out of my 9-5 is really killing me and all I dream of is being able to do my own thing. It's so disheartening when I have to turn away HUGE orders because of my day job. I need to take a leap.

rachael said...

roxy i like your new animated gif! he's such a funny guy.

i will definitely be taking in these videos on the weekend.

ROXY MARJ said...

Robayre, you're so welcome! Be brave, and believe in yourself. That is my battle I deal with consistently... :/ And remember this too = there's room for everyone. :]

Rachael, thanks! His name is Wendell...he's a gift tag, a bunting..probably a pillow soon as well. :)

Sarah Larsen said...

Go get em Roxy. You're amazing.

ROXY MARJ said...

Thanks Sarah! :) <3

Merideth said...


I don't know you personally but I've been reading your blog for a long time now (8 years maybe? I first noticed you when you sold items on cutxpaste and have followed you ever since). There have been lulls in my reading of your blog but I've always come back to it. (The only other blog I can say that of is The Sartorialist so you are in good company!) You have a very singular and unique vision. I don't work in a design field, but I know something good when I see it and from the first day I remember thinking about you "she is going to be successful."

I'm glad to hear you are keeping your chin up.



ROXY MARJ said...

Merideth, I am just now seeing your comment! Thank you for such sweet and inspiring words! I'm trying girlfriend...I really am. :)

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