Nov 9, 2012

Right now it's snowing here in Utah and I am sitting on the couch in our living room...enjoying the "snow" light that is passing through our two big windows.  I have been really ill since Monday night : It kicked off with food poisoning which then caused an anxiety attack, and the next monthly cycle. The combination of those three items together is pretty brutal. I am so happy to finally be out of the woods, happy to be able to sit up with out feeling nauseous, happy to walk to the kitchen without having to lay down right then, and happy to not have to take 5 baths a day to keep the chills down.... AND soo so happy to have Harley by my side the whole time. Animals are so in tune and such amazing companions to have. 

I think I would have recovered sooner had I had Jesse to help take care of me more, but because he has been working on the Christmas display for Deseret Book again this year his time at home is very limited. While being sick and having loads of time to think of anything and everything, especially when not being able to sleep [side effect of an anxiety attack] my mind has gone to those families whose husbands or wives serve in the military. I admire the strength, courage, and faith these men and women have who don't get to see their loved ones everyday like most of us do. 

Yesterday on the Ellen Degeneres Show, she surprised a family that was struggling financially, with a gift of $25,000! This was so heartwarming to watch! Ellen then told the family how she picked them for the money. She saw this video of the family being surprised by the dad's message on Youtube 

I love the month of November so much and that it's a month solely dedicated to being grateful for what you have. Even though I have been super sick this week, I was trying to remind myself many times that I was sick but with a warm bed and a warm house, and a bathtub to provide comfort and a little doggie who's been cuddling up to me 24/7 that has helped me so much. Lastly, I am thankful for Jesse and all that he does for me and even though I have been seeing him for only 45 min a day for the last 2 and a half months....those minutes are so precious to me. It could be a lot harder, like the military families who go weeks, months and sometimes even a year without seeing their loved ones. I admire those people and my heart goes out to them. 

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A couple videos I watched this week that I thought were inspiring in different ways:

"Everyone should be wearing a hat" - Orlando Palacios, owner Worth & Worth

I wish I knew the song they used for this video.....

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Baby fights a stuffed dragon :)

Dragon Baby from Patrick Boivin on Vimeo.

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 Skateboarding has always been something that I wish that I could do.  Sadly, I am too chicken to pick that up at this age...but when Jesse and I have kids someday, we definitely want to start them young with skating.

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Hope your weekend is relaxing....and if you live in Utah or ever visit, I don't recommend eating at Big Apple Pizzeria where I got my food poisoning from...that place is horrible. :(  


Jill said...

Ohhh, get well! xoxo

ROXY MARJ said...

Thanks Jill! I finally was feeling normal yesterday, hence all my videos I posted! Ha! And actually I am thinking I no longer had food poisoning but caught a bug that is going around rapidly. I am hearing of so many other people with the same thing. :/ [24 hr. bug]

MandiScandal said...

oh no rox!! don't hate on the big apple! we had the same salad and pizza and i felt just fine the next day! sooooo many good memories at that place! I'm soooo happy I got to see you and catch up. that night was such a blast but im sorry to hear you were crummy afterwards!

ROXY MARJ said...

Mandi, I think it wasn't food poisoning after all...seems to be a bug going around. And yeah Megan brought up that same point that we all ate from the same pizza...I thought for sure she would have gotten sick too though because honestly, every time i've eaten there..i've never felt good afterwards. I confess Mandi, I've never cared for that place :( BUT I did love seeing you ladies!!!:{)

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