Oct 11, 2012

Just finished some late night paper cutting...
more items going up in the shop.... and now back to finishing my ghost costume.
You're totally thinking this costume is for Halloween. Well my friend, you'd be wrong this time! 
Will have some pictures [hopefully] to share on here tomorrow. :)


rachael said...

haha i'm so curious about what you're doing! if it were for hallowe'en i'd guess you were going as an oak tree!


Vivi said...

I went to visit a lady who does traditional swiss paper cutting back in July. She gave me some paper to try and I have done a bit, so therapeutic! Need to get a design ready and do more
Your ghost costume sounds AWESOME, cant wait to see it!x

ROXY MARJ said...

Rachael, that didn't occur to me to go as an oak tree, but now I am inspired!!! :-[)

Vivi, your visit to the swiss paper cutter sounds AWESOME! I would love to see what designs you have cut. :)

Ghost costume = Hue, turned out pretty rad! :)

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