Sep 11, 2012

Yesterday I helped out the SLC Anthropologie with packing their store up since they are moving to another location. Right before I left, this well dressed lady whom you could tell had a lot of money, walked inside. She came over to me and another girl and asked what was going on. While she was talking I couldn't help notice the AWESOME huge clay bead necklace she was wearing. The beads weren't huge I guess but about the size of was a brightly colored, hearty looking necklace. Just before she walked away I complimented her on it and asked where she got the piece. "Ohhhhh ahahaha [embarrassed laughing] this thing is just from daughters school...she made it or something" sounding even more embarrassed, I think she forgot to take it off before going shopping. <- eek, how embarrassing is that?! lol Heaven forbid anyone thinks she actually put it on for her own personal use. Anyways, as she walked away, I thought to myself "I feel so bad for you, another parent missing the boat".  It's things like that where I wish sooooooo badly I had a child of my own but at the same time, soo grateful for my experience as a nanny. I was showered often with little quirky gifts and pictures from Annie & Emily [whom I helped take care of for 8 years] that I still have and treasure dearly.

Off my soapbox now. :-[) What made me think of yesterday though was this awesome necklace that I just saw from Not Tuesday via Joy Cho on Pinterest [btw, she has almost 6 MILLION followers! <- That is so crazy, because I had no idea there were even that many people on Pinterest]  Not Tuesday is such a cute shop with that beautiful elementary design feel. LOVE this necklace! and I love how it looks like it was made by a little kid.... oh and I love that color red. my favorite. :)


rachael said...

this lady should be proud! the necklace sounds like it was amazing :)


ROXY MARJ said...

Ditto annnnnnd ditto! :-[)

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