Sep 5, 2012

Our state fair is starting tomorrow and we're pretty excited! It's events like these that bring out the wanna be cowgirl in me....and nothing says cowgirl like a nice old bandana! I found 6 of these at the thrift store for 50 cents a piece! I don't know if they are vintage or not, but the pattern sure is pretty. Since I couldn't justify buying the whole lot to add to my wardrobe....I could however buy them for another purpose.

And that my friends was to make a tablecloth! I figured I would keep one for myself and then sew 4 together  to make a nice little cover for our outdoor table. This project is too easy and fast! Plus, a lot of bandanas isn't something one comes by often at the thrift store, but the dollar store does have plenty of them! And if not a table cloth, then why not napkins? Also, some of them do come in crazy bright get more of the used/vintage feel, I would either bleach them or get the RIT color remover, would look so lovely huh... :)

Or if bandanas aren't your fear, packs and stacks of vintage napkins are always at the thrift store, much cheaper and quicker than trying to find a vintage table cloth. :) If you don't know how to sew, this by far is probably thee easiest hand sewn project ever, and would probably look even cuter! Now I wanna go roast some hot dogs tonight and get to practicing my rodeo holler!

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After taking the above photo, I then started officially gathering the walnuts from our tree. Up until last Saturday, I had been chucking them in the bushes thinking that they were rotten. And they in fact were not. Jesse had come home from his Grandpa's house who also has a walnut tree and said that his Grandpa told him to start collecting the fallen ones every day and then just let them dry out. You then have a perfectly good and tasty walnut to eat! I felt like a fool.... I should have known better, or better yet, I should have googled walnut trees. For weeks now I've been chucking those guys, well over a couple hundred! 

Currently, one of my snacks that i've been munching on a lot, are the items below.  The candied ginger and cranberries paired with walnuts and chocolate edamame really do make for a perfect combination.... If you aren't crazy about candied ginger, perhaps candied orange, lemon, or lime is more your ticket? It will be nice to be getting one of those items [walnuts] for free here soon!

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Lastly, I wish I could say that today was cozy sock weather....but it was indeed not! The reason for me wearing those socks up above is due to the two thorns I stepped in late last night in our front lawn. Ironically, I stepped on a thorn in exactly the same spot on the palm of my foot, the socks have been providing extra padding for me today.... but what is the reason for me telling you this? What? You don't care to know the reasons as to why I wear socks?! :-[) HA! Wellll....  Jesse and I were hanging outside last night on our stoop after watching Hunger Games [horrible movie by the way, and I'm sure I am the only one on the planet who thinks so...] and then all of a sudden he said "Roxy, look at the mountains!" And just barely before 11pm....was the moon scurrying its way up to the sky.  Definitely a sight to behold! Jesse said "quick, go inside and get your camera and tripod" So I ran inside, collected the items, ran outside and down our steps onto the lawn and over to the sidewalk where I stepped on those blasted thorns! Anyways, we got a pretty neat shot:

A couple weeks prior, Jesse and I drove home from our Barrus family trip to California. We left Carlsbad California at 10 pm and drove that 12 hour drive straight through, with only one break about a 1/2 hr. out of Vegas. We stopped at a pull-off off the side of the highway to do more long exposures .... these photos turned out pretty nice, especially the one with our heads cut off. Would make a perfect 2012 Christmas card! :)

 )) moon (( 

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