Sep 19, 2012

A couple things i've discovered and love :

My little sister used these as vases on the tables at her reception. They looked so pretty. As a thank you to Jesse and I for helping with things, she filled the two with our favorite M&M's and gave us the Jars. Such a cute idea. Thank you Mari! :)

Our friend Adam [one of Jesse's best friends] has a sweet wife. Tara, made us all dinner last night [still working on our roof] and she including a bunch of these lemonades for everyone. LOVE THEM and I love the packaging/ they're aren't too sweet.... Thanks Tara!

You can purchase this at any Whole Foods/Gourmet grocery story. This stuff is awesome...great for simple things like dipping bread or frying some rosemary potatoes. So so yum yum!
Comes in two sizes now. My little guy was on sale for $6. Hoping to get the Truffle soon, which was out of stock

My mom brought me some kitchen items the other day, one of them being this cocoa! HOT DANG. dang! This stuff is amazing you will absolutely taste a difference from your regular cocoa's. I tasted it for the first time in my mom's dark chocolate cake that she made 4 months ago...we took half the cake home and I ate the majority of it that night. NOT ASHAMED!


melissa said...

We use the black truffle infused olive oil all the time. It was kind of a life-changing experience. Definitely worth the investments. You are fantastic!

ROXY MARJ said...


AHA! So you do have a blog!!! And a very cute one I must say! Oh man, now I need that black truffle olive oil, I want my life to change. :) I'm assuming you've had truffle cheese before?! So good. one of my favorites!

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