Aug 29, 2012

I bet if I asked for a show of hands who still uses a cell phone from 2009, I would be the only one with my hand raised.  The cell phone has sooo many uses now that it is almost silly not to have a more "sophisticated" one. My despise for cell phone's grew when my ex-husband just HAD to have the Motorola Razr, when it first came out. He's allllll about conspicuous consumption. And so from that day on, I never wanted a fancy phone, besides...half of the time [through my phone history] I couldn't afford one, but when I could...I was opting for the cheapest ones that served the one purpose I needed, making phone calls.

With that said, I am starting to quickly learn that having an iphone or droid would definitely help with growing my business.... I feel so weird and awkward about the whole thing and I know it stems from my "Razr" days.... but I am looking forward to 1 major thing with doing the upgrade: COUPONS!!!

Every week when I step into a Joann's to buy my muslin, what do I forget, my 50% off coupon! And the lady at the register always says..."why don't you just pull it up on your phone?" and then I show her my phone:

Yeah...PICTURES of coupons don't actually work! LOL I even purposely took these pictures on top of my glitter tissue paper to make it look somewhat more festive....convinced? ha! Oh, and the back of my phone, yeah...that fell off while my phone and other belongings were on the roof of my car and I drove really fast down a hill. It was a pretty funny sight to see a backpack, papers, make up, and phone flying through the air.... 

One last thing, once I do get this new phone, I actually plan on getting on instagram [I don't think you folks realize how much of a grandma I am!]  again,  for business purposes.  Jennifer of A Merry Mishap Convinced me of this, and after a lot of thought and seeing her instagram...I realized I need to swallow my pride, and jump on this bandwagon. 

Speaking of AMM, I sent her a package just recently, which she then instagramed.... the readers comments were so sweet and definitely helpful in my decision making process. 

Here are some of Jennifer's photos of my items, so much prettier than the one's I take! Soon I will be in need of shooting my items professionally, really looking forward to that! :)

I love that she taped my "I can tell that we are going to be friends" print 
on her little boy's  bedroom cute! 

p.s. Jennifer has her new fall collection out, lot's of pretty new items. One of my favorites are her Speckled Gray Geo's.....  They remind me of one of my very favorite nubby/oatmeal looking sweater that I wear almost every day in the fall.  Soo pretty and delicate. 


Lovely Lindsay said...

a roxy marj instagram? yes, please!
love, lindsay

ROXY MARJ said...

Bah! ahahahaha lol OH MY GOSH, you're funny Lindsay... please have low expectations when that happens. :) xo

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