Jul 25, 2012

My favorite season [Fall] is coming up and it's totally on the brain folks.  I sooo miss those first days of school growing up...and college too! I know i'm not the only one who would get mega excited about buying school supplies, right? And getting new clothes for school even if they were hand-me-downs or from the goodwill...I loved it.

These new prints are with Fall in mind, and those first days of school, organizing your supplies, and the crisp air that soon meant it was almost time for sweater weather! Ahh...I can't wait! :)

And do you ever find yourself picking up small random objects? NO?! 
Okay...well, for those of you who DO, keep in mind, a Roxy Marj clutch is a perfect home for those orphaned items


Shoko said...

Oh wow, I love these clutches SO much. Would love to feature them on my blog next week if it's all right with you? :)

ROXY MARJ said...

I am sooo late on responding to comments...but thanks soo much Shoko for sharing my items. :)

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