Jul 20, 2012

Hope you have a great weekend. I am headed to the post here in a bit and very thankful to have packages to mail off. Thanks for your orders, custom orders, and for posting about my shop... be checking your mailbox friends. :)

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 Our fireplace mantel is nonexistent right now... and probably won't be started on for a quite some time. Which isn't bad, this then allows for time to design up something really special and that goes well with the style of our home.

 So awhile ago I mentioned to my mom that I wanted to design a mantle that was tramp art inspired...if you haven't heard of tramp art definitely look into this movement. Anyways, my Mom happened to find a book on just that subject at the library book store and gave this to me for my birthday! Thanks Mom. :)

How amazing are these piece!?! Don't you want them all? :)  Ironically, a lot of tramp art was/is created using popsicle sticks. I love the layering of the wood, the depth and the heartiness of tramp art. Such amazing work and craftsmanship. 

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Lastly, on a whim...I thought it best to add a couple faces to some plants. :)  It was about time
we had some sort of greeting outside our door...better to have the plant say it than me....she has a better voice. 

and this lil lady I am digging....she seems really content... but don't you think the pot looks better with a face than without? PEOPLE our plants need faces!!!! <- I highly suggest you go paint some now!


Lovely Lindsay said...

happy shop sales!
i love seeing your little home come together.
love, lindsay

ROXY MARJ said...

Thanks Lindsay. :)
Our home is chuggin along...it's nice to finally not breathing in dust 24/7.... xo

Vivi said...

My avocado pots are looking a bit plain, I might give them a little deco as well when I have time!! (one day when I will finally find a minute!)

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