Jul 24, 2012

Do you read Selvedge? If you appreciate textiles and learning more about them as well as old and new designers in the fashion/textile/print industry then this is a magazine you would most probably love. Last night I was reading in it about when the color purple originated and its history behind it. So fascinating! You can find Selvedge at most Barnes & Noble Bookstores.

This article "Why the brain likes handmade textiles" was soo interesting and made so much sense.

The artist to the left is Teresa Green of Teresa Green Design <- She owns her own handprinted linen company...  :::: pause :::: okay i'm back, I had to swoon there for a second.  Anywaaays, don't you just love her little space there and her typewriter?! Gosh, to have something like that in one's own home would be awesome!

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I recently found this ceramic floral fabric frame at the thrift store a couple weeks ago.  I really love it with this old postcard my sister gave me a while back of some Fort Hall Native Americans and their teepee.  But the frame itself is so sweet, and I haven't really seen a lot of this style frame around: fabric wrapped and then coated with many layers of varnish? Do you know of this and perhaps where to get more? Having a mix of different printed fabrics with old black and white photos on a console would look so pretty. :)

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Lastly, I just saw these 1930's milk glass spice jars over at uncovet. I am in love.  Milk glass + red.... and their so small and hearty... these are really something. As of right now, there is 1 set left and you can purchase it HERE. 


jeanette from everton terrace said...

I actually have that same set of spice jars but in only black and white (they are in a box somewhere). The red is fantastic!

ROXY MARJ said...

Jeanette! You are one lucky duck in my book! <- & they are in a box somewhere? :-[) lol use those mothers lady!!! :)

Jennifer said...

Hello from a new visitor to your blog! I fell in love with Selvedge the first time I got my hands on an issue. I just wish it wasn't SO expensive in the US :(

As for that frame, I'm a child of the late 70s/early 80s and they were pretty popular back in those days (waaay back!).

ROXY MARJ said...

Hi Jennifer! thanks for visiting. ;)

I am right there with you on Selvedge...sooo exspensive...my husband isn't totally thrilled when I get one, but it isn't that often. :/

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