Jul 18, 2012

Dear...Ali Wentworth, <- guys...this lady is HILARIOUS!!!

I have become a HUUUUUGE fan of yours, so much so that I am considering getting on twitter just to read your tweats. I only recently found out about Ali's Daily Shot videos over at Babble and I am obsessed.

This video is of Ali talking about the "possibility" of her going under the knife. 

This one though, cracks me up!

I've watched it about 5 times just because I love watching her facial expressions... 
It talks about her daughter who told her that she hated her and her thoughts about that...soo funny but sadly I can't seem to find the embed link, so you will have to go HERE to watch it. 


Coming up:  Roxy Marj Giveaway!!!! YEE HAW to that!... and some new items for my shop! 

1 comment:

Patricia Villamil said...

She's one of my favorite comedians, i love her!

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