Jul 26, 2012

And the winner is....

Thanks Gretchen, Egan, Morgan, and Brittany for entering and your comments, they were so fun to read. :)  Brittany, can you email me your home address roxymarjdesign@gmail.com?  I will be out of town tomorrow and Saturday, so I will mail your painting on Monday. :) Thanks again ladies!

p.s. due to the small amount of entries [should I feel like a looser artist for this? juuust kidding] I just fold up paper with your names and then literally shook them in my hand and dropped them on the table, and chose one w/ my eyes closed. :] Can't get any more basic than that. 


PUK said...

Hi Roxy

I just discovered your blog and I'm amazed. You make wonderful art and I love your shop items.

I'll be sure to check your blog in the future and hope you will make another giveaway some day:)

Puk (from Denmark)

ROXY MARJ said...

Hello Puk! <- CUUUUTE name by the way! And your picture too! :-[) Thank you for looking at my blog, it means a lot AND for pinning some of my items on pinterest! you are so kind! xo

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