Jun 18, 2012

This picture is currently hanging in one of our guest bedrooms downstairs, it's covering up a huge black spray-painted spot on one of the walls. I'd love to meet the person who decided to do that. Anyways, the quote from Jane Austen on top of the picture is a vinyl that I designed while working at Uppercase Living. Too bad they no longer have it. :( 

I wish I would have cut out more of my vinyl designs when working at Uppercase, because I want to put a quote over the top of this picture [below] that Jesse and I recently acquired. I'll just have to paint it by hand ...I am trying to find a nice saying to go with this one..any ideas/favorites?.....I also really love this Painting of Christ, it has kind of a "Sleeping Beauty" feel to it don't you think.... 

While unpacking more things the other day, I came across my beads. I love coming across old familiar things...even if it's been a couple months since you've seen it. Whatever it is, it usually feels brand new all over again. I haven't made myself some jewelry in awhile, and so I played with them for awhile and came up with some new ideas of what to make. The creative process is so interesting...because I went back to the beads again today and saw even more new ideas that I didn't see on Friday! 

I thought these designs would make for some cute barrette's. Although,
I am not totally sold on the mushrooms...those should probably just be strung.

These are my favorite though. I made the muslin pieces my Sophomore year of college when we started draping with the stuff at school. I got really obsessed with muslin, and the infatuation hasn't ended. It's such a fun, diverse and super affordable fabric to work with. These guys will be made into necklaces. The beads to the right on the muslin piece are from the 1930's. Pretty huh. :)


I mailed one of my Tilly Brooch's last week to none other than my dear friend Tilly.... whom my character was named after. :) And because I love to wrap gifts/packages and I love to see how others wrap things too, I thought it best to animate the process. A nice way to make a package feel even more special for your recipient: wrap in fabric! Especially when you find loads of it for next to nothing at the thrift store, AND in fun unique prints. 

Tilly Brooch Goes to the Post Office


Jesse Lee Barrus said...

Gotta love this chick.

thu sarah said...

I LOVE the sleeping beauty Christ picture! cool mash up of one of my favorite disney's and my faith....I instantly thought of John Muir when I saw that painting...one of his quotes would be awesome maybe...they are a little heavy but they could fit:

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.
John Muir


The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.
John Muir

I also thought of the hymn 'For the Beauty of the Earth'. Good luck!

ROXY MARJ said...

Jesse, you're too funny. :]

Sarah! Hello there! And THANK YOU for your suggestions! I love them all, but I think I am gonna go with your first one. That is so perfect, and I probably wouldn't have found it! :) xo

p.s. For the Beauty of the Earth is my very favorite Hymn...they sing it in Little Women around the tree!

Anonymous said...


I loved what you got me, I wore my broche to work today!!!

love you.


ROXY MARJ said...

TILL! Please tell me you took a picture of you wearing it? :-[) lol xo next time!

Vivi said...

You definitely wrap stuff in the best way and make the best envelops! x

Lindsay Kay said...

BAH! I love it all. This makes me miss you so much :) Love the quote. We need to get together for dinner soon. Text me :)

Sarah Larsen said...

That design was a good one. :)and a good quote too.

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