Apr 12, 2012

It's been about 8 or so years since I last had an actual business card made. I finally buckled down and got some made a couple months ago. I hired my friend Zach Jones, owner/operator/designer of On the Trolley Letterpress to print these ladies up for me. BEST investment I have made in a long time, and one that my husband approved of! Also, it just makes my orders that I mail off all that more professional. :) <- I bet some of you just said "ah DUH!" lol :-[) Late bloomer here folks! :)

 If you're in need of business cards yourself, or custom prints etc. 
Contact Zach for a quote or to have a custom design made


Anonymous said...

i always thought you were professional!

la vie quotidienne said...

SUPER COOL designs...i think join a watercolour print is super beautiful.

HAve a nice Friday 13 =)

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La Vie Quotidienne

dqb said...

Hey Roxy! I was just reading jenny godard latest post and made me think about your blog. I was just checking the comments she received an suddenly I read your name on it. It made me laugh the "serendipity"...
Anyway just to add to your comment as
i told you before, you are an excellent writer and talented designer.
XO Dominique

ROXY MARJ said...

Yet again, I seem to miss comments and not respond to them. What a mess I am.... and this is probably too late because I see the last comment was dated April 15th, but just so you know that I care. :)

Tilly: thanks for thinking i'm professional! :) <3

La Vie: thank you! :)

Dominique: Your comment is so sweet and what are the odds of that happening!? I love Jenny's blog, she is such an inspiration and someone whom I look up to in many ways, but she doesn't know about! lol Anyways..I best, just go over and say hi to you on your blog! xo

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