Jan 12, 2012

To see inside the book, click here. :)


I wish I owned just one Mina Perhonen piece...scratch that, I wish had a TON of Mina Perhonen! These three looks I want to knock-off for myself...but make them exactly as shown, they would just be the kroger/target brand version... lol  -  and isn't that golden broach so pretty? 

and don't you want this rocking chair  "potato chip chair" of Perhonen's as well?  + deep sigh + 


Jessica said...

They look like they could be your designs too, as I have seen some of the things you have already designed! I think you should make them! :)

Shoko said...

The potato chip chair is pretty much my dream come true.

ROXY MARJ said...

Thanks for that compliment Jessica! Totally made my day. I will attempt to make a Roxy Marj version...just as soon as we get in a house. Cutting out fabric on our old wood floors that have soo many dust particles makes my skin crawl... :/

Shoko, right there with ya! :)

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