Jan 24, 2012

If you collect unique and artful looking pieces of jewelry, then I think you will really appreciate these designers.  I can't stop looking at Edition X's curated jewelry.  I love the simplicity in each of these pieces, but also the obvious craftsmanship.

My most favorite pieces among Edition X's shop are these earrings and necklace by: Nadine Treister

                                                                    and some other favorites 

like this mountain broach by Nicholas Bastin!

 this sweet hand carved bear necklace from Kester Black 

and lastly, these beautiful sketch earrings from Peta Kruger {so in love w/ her name}

* Petra's new collection of jewelry - do go to her site though....
you will fall in love with all her past collections! 


Shoko said...

Bear necklace - yes, please!

Vivi said...

Wow, I love both Petra Kruger and Nadine Treister. Thanks for sharing this! x

Sarah Larsen said...

You find the most beautiful things! Hope you had a lovely time in NY with friends, can't wait to hear about it!

Eva / Sycamore Street Press said...

Did I tell you yet how much we absolutely LOVE the book yo made Ingrid! Each and every page is so beautiful. I posted photos of it on Instagram, and people were going nuts over it. I gave them your blog address. Anyways, it is so special, Roxy. Thank you so much! And you should know that Ingrid loves it, too! She loves turning the pages, and always has to touch the glitter. :)

ROXY MARJ said...

Shoko: me want bear necklace too! lol

Vivi: you are very welcome. :))

Sarah: I had a great time, but missed jesse terribly...never again am I leaving my buddy behind! humph! :(

Eva: Thank you Eva! I am sooo glad that Ingrid loves it too! And I love that she has to touch the glitter!! <- smart girl you guys got! :) xo

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